Bill of Lading Maintenance

Bill of Lading Maintenance

The RollMaster System now has an optional Bill Of Lading (BOL) document that can be set up and printed in place of the system Installer Work Order. For dealers shipping material along the lines of a wholesale operation, this is a key tool for that process. Because it is optional and will not apply to many dealers, it must be turned on in the System Control Maintenance module in order to be utilized. In the Company Control 3 level screen, you will see the following control: Print Bill of Lading for W/O. Set this control to “Y” for yes. The next step is to create a customized BOL template in the Bill Of Lading Maintenance module, explained below.


You must complete the setup in the Bill Of Lading Maintenance module before printing a BOL in the RollMaster SystemWhen you enter this module for the first time, the screen will appear as follows:

The left side of the screen is an example of a standard BOL Template. It displays data helpful to completing a custom BOL Template for your business. You will complete the fields on the right side of the screen to create your own BOL Template. However, if you would like to populate your BOL Template with the default verbiage/settings that appear on the left, there is an option at the top left of this screen to do that, and it appears as follows: Populate Defaults. When you click this option, the system will populate the right side of the screen with standard BOL data on the left as follows:


Be sure to click the Save button to keep these default settings. You can also edit the copied text/settings to customize further. Any changes made should be followed by clicking the Save button.


Each numbered field on the left side corresponds to the display field of the same number on the right side of the screen. Treat the left side of the screen as a type of “crib sheet.” All fields on the right side can be edited based on how your company conducts business. For example, in field #1, you can give the title of your BOL any name you want. In fields 5-7, you can decide whether to include the Date PrintedOrder # of the Job, and the BOL # and Revision #, just by checking those three boxes. Again, use the left side of the screen to gain more insight on how to complete your BOL Template

In Field #3, there are three options in the drop down menu: CarrierShip Via, and None. The Ship Via is a new field in Quote/Order Entry that is specific to BOL MaintenanceThe Print Ordered By field, if checked, pulls from the Job Detail tab screen in Order Entry. The Move Sections 8 and 9 To Bottom option will drop those boxes down below field #10, so that all text is at the bottom of the BOL. The Separate Special Instructions box, when checked, will display a box with the data from that field, instead of just a line. In field #10, the BOL will only print totals for material.


One final option from this screen is the ability to view your current BOL Template as a PDF document. This provides you with a test PDF doc view of what will be printed from the RollMaster System prior to going live with the BOL. This option appears at the top left as follows: View Example PDF.

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