Check History

Check History

This module will allow you to view all checks that have been printed in the system by Vendor, by Invoice number, by Check number, and by PO number. This module is useful for quickly determining whether a specific item has been paid. When you enter this module, an A/P View Check History screen will appear as follows:

To begin searching, make selections in the Search By box at the top right, as follows:

At the G/L Account -1- field, start by selecting a specific G/L Account using the drop down arrow. These will only be accounts designated as Bank Accounts or Credit Card Accounts in the system G/L. You can leave the default **All** selection if you need to search more than one account. At the Search By -2- field, the default search option is Vendor. If you click the drop down arrow, you can select by additional search options as follows: Invoice NumberCheck Number, and PO Number. If you leave the default Vendor search option, you will need to use the Vendor ID button to select a specific vendor. The Beginning Invoice Item Date -3- field will not be active unless you click the check box to activate. You can then select a date applicable to the item for which you are searching. Once all applicable fields are complete, click the Search button to continue.

In the Search Results box, the system will display all items matching the Search options you selected as follows: 

If you highlight a line in the box above, the system will display the detail in the Check Detail box below as follows:

The left side of the box -1- displays the Vendor IDCheck NumberVendor NameCheck DateNet Check, and any Discount Taken. The right side of the box -2- displays all the items, including credit or debit memos, included in the single check or payment. If any Notes exist on an item, you will see a “Y” in that column. If you highlight that line, the system will prompt a Notes icon to the left of the Vendor Invoice column. When you have finished looking up history in this module, click the red X at the top right of the screen or hit the Esc key to return to the A/P Menu.

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