Check Register

Check Register

This report module prints a Register of all Checks printed through the Print Checks module, the Print Electronic Payment Report module as well as any checks processed through the Hand Check/Void Check Processing module. It should be run after any batch of checks/payments are processed in the system—if you are making payments from multiple Bank Accounts, you can print the Register one time after all payments have been processed. If you need to VoidCheck/Payment and the Check Register for that run has not been printed, you will need to first print and clear the Check Register, otherwise you will not be able to complete the Void process. You will then print the Check Register again following the Void process. 

When you enter this report module, the system will prompt an A/P Check Register screen as follows:

At the Beg. Acct -1- field, the system will default to the main Bank Account. Use the drop down arrow to make an alternate Bank Account selection. If only one Bank Account was used, leave the End Acct field the same as the Beg. Acct field. If multiple Bank Accounts were impacted, use the drop down arrow to select a range of Bank Accounts. Next, click the Run button to continue clearing the report. The report will print and the system will the prompt the following Confirm box:

If you did not get a readable copy, click No at this prompt, and then reprint the report. If the report looks good, click Yes. The system will then prompt the following:

If you are sure the report printed okay, click Yes at this prompt. Once the report is cleared, you will need to access the Check Register History module to see any data cleared on the Check Register via this module.

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