Customer Payment Register

Customer Payment Register


This report module displays a listing of all customer payments that were posted in the system through the Post Customer Payments module, via the “Receive Money” feature, or through either of the Deposit options in the Quotation and Order Entry modules by Branch. Quote Deposits will be denoted with a “Q” in the Job # column. It is considered a daily report because you will clear those items that have cleared your bank each day, which will then help you with your bank reconciliations. You can also use the report to find any mistakes made in the system and quickly correct those. This report lists each payment individually and shows the type of payment, the User ID of the person posting the payment, the date of payment, the customer name, the payment reference number, the amount of the payment, the G/L Account the payment was posted to, and gives a G/L sequence number. You can distinguish between payments taken through the Post Customer Payments module as opposed to the Deposits option by the account number in the G/L Account column. Payments taken through the Post Customer Payments module will post to your Cash Receipts G/L Asset Account Number, and payments taken through the Deposit option will post to your Customer Deposits G/L Liability Account Number. Additionally, any payments posted via the Receive Money feature will be noted with an “-R” next to the Job # on the report.

When you enter this report module, the screen will appear as follows:

Select Printer option has been added to the top left of each screen to ensure you select a Graphical printer prior to printing the Customer Payment Register. The Branch (1) field will default to the current Branch, but you can select another Branch from the drop-down menu when applicable. The Type (2) field will default to ** All **. Using the drop-down menu, you can choose to change the view to a single Payment Type. By double-clicking on an item, you can Select/Unselect. The Type/Selected (3) box will display what has been selected, totaled by Type. You can also use the Unselect All and Select All (4) buttons to automatically change the Select column for the items currently displayed. If you have set up Split Deposit functionality, the “S” (5) column will display an “S” for a Split Deposit. See Payment Type Code Maintenance in the Sales Processing manual for how to set up Split Deposit types. For any Split Deposit, if you right-click on the line item, a View Split Detail box will prompt as follows:

The Secondary line displays a “Finance Fee” amount that will never hit your bank account because the finance company retains a percentage of the amount financed, but it displays as a part of the entire Deposit to be cleared via this Register. The Bank Rec will display the Primary amount only, and the Secondary amount will go to the G/L Account assigned to this type of fee.

Once all Items are selected in the main screen, hit the Continue button to proceed. A View Customer Payment Register Deposit Entries screen will display as follows:

The only option in this screen is to double-click or right-click to edit the Deposit Date. A box will prompt as follows:

Once you have made your change, click ContinueWhen you are ready to print the Register, click Continue on the “View” screen to proceed. Once the report begins printing, you will receive the following option to reprint the report as follows:


This report can be exported to Excel, so make sure you don’t clear the report until you have all the copies needed for accounting purposes.

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