Delete Vendors with No Activity

Delete Vendors with No Activity

The Delete “*” Vendors With No Activity module works in tandem with the Credit/Refund procedures in the Order Entry/Maintenance module. When a check is selected as the method of refund during credit/refund processing, the system will automatically create a new Vendor using the Customer’s ID and placing an “*” at the beginning. For example, SMIT1234 becomes *SMIT123 in the Vendor Maintenance module. Once the check has been paid, you can delete this “Vendor” by running this module—you may want to consider doing this on a monthly or quarterly basis. Please Note: You do not have to delete these refund Vendors, but if you process a large volume of refunds by check, your Vendor Listing could become bogged down with “*” vendors. When you enter this module, the screen will appear as follows:

If you would like to make a Date selection that will only purge “*” Vendors with zero balances or no A/P Items after that specified date, click in the Purge Date box and use the calendar option to make a Date selection. Click the Continue button to proceed with this process. The system will prompt the following message box:

Click the Yes button to continue with deletion of the “*” refund Vendors with a zero current balance. When the process has completed, the system will prompt the following confirmation message:

Click the OK button and the system will place the cursor back at the A/P Delete “*” Vendors screen above. Click the “X” at the top right corner to exit or hit the Esc key. Note: These “*” Vendors will still be visible from the Check History module after deletion.

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