Email Template Maintenance

Email Template Maintenance

Within the RollMaster System, most every Customer or Vendor facing document can be emailed directly from the Print programs. Those documents currently include the Quote/EstimateSales AgreementInvoice (including Quick Invoice and Batch Invoices), A/R StatementEFT Remittance Advice, and Purchase Order. The only requirement is that you select a graphical (logo) printer and have Foxit Reader installed. There is some initial setup that must first be completed, and is covered in this document. Thereafter, the process of Emailing from RollMaster is easy.


There are a few areas of setup that need to be completed prior to using the Emailing functionality in RollMaster. The first area of setup needs to take place in the User Control 1 screen of the System Control Maintenance module. The 4th line down is a new Email field. This field needs to be set with a working Email address for every User who will be using the Email feature, although this can also be a group email, such as When you exit this screen, an Email Signature box will prompt as follows:

You can skip this step at this level, as you can access this feature during the Email Send process, explained below. However, if you choose, you can add a custom or generic Signature in the box above at this time. Once added, you can click the Copy To All Branches -1- button to copy the Signature to other Branches where the User currently exists. Please Note: the Email address that was added in the User Control 1 screen will still need to be copied via regular User Control copy options or added manually to other Branches. The Default Signature -2- box, when checked, will automatically be checked and display this Signature when the User generates an Email in the system where this functionality is currently available. Changes can still be made at that point prior to sending the Email. Be sure to click Save when exiting this screen.  


In Customer Maintenance, for Residential or Retail-type customers, where you are dealing directly with the end user, adding an Email address in the main screen in the Contact Information box, will automatically default that Email address in the “To:” line of the Email feature. Also, clicking the Email Sales Rep checkbox will automatically add the Salesperson’s Email address in the “Cc:” line. You will need to make sure all of your Salespeople have current Email Addresses entered in the Salesperson Maintenance module. These fields appear as follows:

For all other Customer types, you can also utilize the Contacts button and feature—see Contacts above next to Contact field—to add additional Email addresses to be added to the ToCc, and Bcc lines of an Email based on the type of document being emailed. This feature has been available for some time, but has become more important, especially in light of this new functionality. Please Note: this same Contacts button and functionality is available from the Vendor Maintenance module as well and works the same. 

When you click on the Contacts button, the system will prompt an A/R Customer Contacts box. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to set up the Role Maintenance option. This will only need to be done once from either Customer Maintenance or Vendor Maintenance, unless more need to be added at a later time. We suggest setting up the following Roles: A/PA/R, and SalesThat will appear as follows:

Once Roles are established, you will need to add a Contact record for anyone with a Customer or Vendor needing to receive an Email. The Edit Contact box is not new, but the Include when Emailing Document section is new with this feature and appears as follows:

The list of documents displaying in the box above is the current list of available documents that can be emailed in RollMasterDouble-clicking on a document will place an “*” next to that document and activate it for the Contact. You can then highlight and right-click the document to display the ToCc, and Bcc options. Select one for each applicable document. Once this is complete, click the Save button. These are default settings, and can be changed during the live Email Send process. If you don’t complete this setup, the system will default to the Email address on the Ship To Code for Quotes and Orders. Similarly, on the Vendor side, you can designate which Contacts receive Purchase Orders and EFT Remittance Advice documents.


One additional setup item is adding default Email Templates, if you would like these to prompt during the Email Send process. Multiple Templates can be created for each document type. A Template created for Quotes will not be available when emailing an Agreement, and vice versa. The Email Template Maintenance option is only available to Users with a Full Menu. It is found in the Document Maintenance menu, accessible from the System Maintenance menu, and it can also be accessed from the Email Send feature. When you enter this module, the system will prompt an Email Template Maintenance screen as follows:

At the Document -1- field, use the drop down menu to make a selection. The next step is to click the Add New button. This will prompt a New Template Description box as follows:

Type in a Description for the new Template and click Create. You will then be placed in the main screen to begin creating the Template. The Use Default Subject option, when checked, will automatically prompt what you type in the Subject field, but can be edited during the Email Send process. You can also leave this field blank to customize each time. If you will be using the Email Signature Maintenance feature, explained above and below, you will not need to add a “signature” to these Templates. One additional cool feature is the ability to insert “place holders” in the text to auto pull in data such as Order #Special InstructionsBalance DueSold To and Ship To Address data, etc. To use this feature, place the cursor where you want the data and right-click. The system will prompt an “Insert” selection box as follows:

Click on your selection and you will see the code appear on the screen as follows: [#NAME]. This feature is also available in the Subject field and the Use Customer Template File Naming field, but with fewer place holder options. Click the Save button at the bottom right to keep your changes. The Delete button at the top of the screen will remove the current Template from the system. One last feature in this screen is the Clear Clipboard option at the top right. This was a necessary addition because of the Windows Clipboard and how it works in conjunction with the “place holder” feature explained above. If anything has been copied to the Windows Clipboard, it will inadvertently get pulled into the Template when you right-click and make an Insert selection. The Clear Clipboard option will remove any of that data. It is a good practice to use prior to utilizing the “place holder” feature.    


As a reminder, you must select a graphical printer in order for the Email Send feature to work. When you are in any of the “Print” document screens, such as Print Quote, you will now see an Email XXXXXX button to the right of the screen, just below the Cancel button. You will first need to set all your print options for the document, just as you would if you were about to print it out and hand it to the Customer. For this example, we will use the Quote. When you click the Email Quote button, an Email Attachments box will prompt as follows:

Please Note: you will only see options -1-, -2- and -3- above if you have a Full Custom Menu, i.e. MENU.FILBased on system setup, certain Emails will auto-populate in the ToCc, and Bcc fields above. The From Email address -4- is pulling from the User Control 1 screen for the User currently sending the Email. If this has not been set up, it can default to a pre-set Email Address for each Branch in Branch Maintenance, which must be added/edited by a RollMaster Trainer or Support Team member. The Select More Contacts -1- option at the top will prompt an Additional Contacts box and you can make selections as needed. You can also manually type Email addresses in each field, where applicable, as well as delete. The Attach -5- button will allow you to add additional attachments. Any Terms & Conditions Maintenance documents will also be included as Attachments, along with the document you just created. The Rename Document -6- button will allow you to create a custom name for the Attachment if you are not using the Template feature. The Email Signature Maintenance -2- and Email Template Maintenance -3- options, explained above, can be accessed here for additional setup or changes to existing files. The Preview Document -7- button allows you to preview the attached Document prior to sending.

The body of the Email is created/edited via the Preview/Edit Message -8- button. When you click this button, an Edit Email Message box will prompt as follows:


If you want to freehand type the message, begin typing in the box above. To use a Template, click the down arrow in the Load Template field to make a selection. From there, you can edit the Template and/or click the Save Message button to keep and return to the previous screen. The Default Signature box can be checked or unchecked in this screen, but will not display the Default Signature. You can now click SendThe message will be sent to all parties.

Please Note: In the Invoice program screen, you will see a button to Print and Email at the bottom right. This allows for completing both functions together at once.  

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