GL Journal Import csv

GL Journal Import csv

This module will allow you to import your payroll and other financial data into RollMaster from a csv file. This program will likely be utilized by your RollMaster trainer/support team during initial setup, but thereafter can be used to quickly import payroll data into the system General Ledger, rather than make manual postings via the Journal Posting module, provided you are not using the RollMaster Payroll Processing System. When you enter this module, the screen will appear as follows:

You will first need to create a csv file in Excel prior to the import process. The following is an example of a template format for the file:

When your file is ready to be imported, click the Select File button at the File to Import (1) field. The system will prompt you to select the file from your computer to upload to the server. A new screen will then prompt displaying the data about to be imported. At this point, you can change the date and period. The Import G/L screen displays only valid lines to be imported. Any invalid accounts or improperly formatted fields (such as fields with text vs. numbers) will be excluded from the display/balance calculations. When this happens, the contents of any record determined “invalid” during the import process can be printed out so that they can be fixed and the data re-imported. If all items are in balance, the system will allow you to complete the process by clicking the Import CSV button.

Please Note: at the top left of this box is an option to Download Example CSV. This will prompt the system to download the Excel csv file template for you to use to build your import data. csv file is not like an Excel file; it does not read commas, apostrophes, or quotation marks. Also, if your G/L Account Numbers utilize “dot” extensions like “4000.100,” the csv file will drop the ending zeroes and make it “4000.1” unless a text qualifier (the apostrophe) is inserted in front of items with leading or trailing zero’s’ (after a period). Example: ‘0400.100.

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