Hand Check Void Check

Hand Check Void Check

This module allows you to process hand written checks in the system and also to void both hand written and system printed checks. The Hand Check feature should only be used for “quick” checks that need to be processed before the next scheduled check print. Please Note: the system will allow you to pay more than one Invoice per Hand Check, and Invoices can be added ahead of time through Open Item Maintenance or in this module “on the fly.” When you process a Hand Check or Void a check, the system will automatically update the Cash Disbursements and Accounts Payable G/L Accounts. Also, if a check has been printed and cleared through the Bank Reconciliation module, the system will not allow that check to be voided through this module.

When you enter this module, the system will first prompt a Vendor Selection screen as follows:


Make a Vendor selection and click the Select button to continue. The system will prompt the Vendor ID, along with any existing Open Items in the Items box as follows:

The system will default to the Hand Check -1- selection, but you can click the Debit/Credit Card option to switch to that payment type. The Account -2- field will default to your main Bank Account. Use the down arrow key to select an alternate Bank Account. The Posting Period -3- field will default to the current Period. You can change the Period, when applicable, via the down arrow key. At the Check Date -4- field, you can leave the current date default, or use the down arrow key to select an alternate date. The Check Number -5- field will default to “0”. You can click the Next Check button to prompt the next available check number in the system for the current Bank Account, or you can type a number in this field.

The Items -6- box will display any current Open Items on the Vendor’s account that are ready for payment. These Items will not automatically be selected when you access this screen, but you do have the option to select them for Hand Check processing by clicking in the Selected -8- column next to the item, including any credits. To add an item for payment, click the Add New Item -7- button at the top left of the screen. Please Note: The Functions menu contains the same options as the buttons at the top left as follows: Add New Item Void Checks. When you click the Add New Item button or select it from the Functions menu, the system will first prompt an Add New Item screen as follows:

The Vendor ID field will prompt the current Vendor selected in the previous screen. At the Item Number -1- field, type in the applicable number of the item you are creating. At the Type -2- field, leave the default “I” for Invoice, or use the down arrow to select “D” for Debit Memo or “C” for Credit Memo. Type in the amount of the item in the Item Amount  -3- field, and then click the Add button to continue. If you click Add before typing an Item Number, the system will prompt you with a warning, forcing you to enter a number. The system will then jump you to the A/P Open Items Maintenance screen for you to add the item “on the fly.” When you have completed that process, the system will return you to this screen and prompt the new item in the Items box, automatically selecting the item, as follows:

Prior to selecting an Item, you can click in the Payment and Discount columns to make changes, such as adding or removing a discount, or making a partial payment. An Edit Payment box will prompt as follows:

If you make changes in this box, be sure to click the Save button to keep those changes. As Items are clicked in the Selected column to reflect “Y” for yes, the box above will total the amounts selected as follows:

The Undo Changes button at the bottom right of the screen will clear any changes in this screen since first entering, basically reverting everything, aside from any new items added, back to the defaults. Once all items for the Hand Check have been selected, click the Process Checks button to continue. A Check Processed box will prompt at follows:

Click the Ok button to continue. The system will revert back to a blank screen. You can hit the Exit menu item at the top left if processing is complete, or click the Vendor ID button to process another Hand CheckNote: don’t forget to print a Check Register following activity in this module.


To use the Void Checks option, make a Vendor selection to begin. The system will prompt a Void Check Processing screen as follows:

The system will default to the Checks -1- selection, but you can click the All or Debit/Credit Card option to switch when applicable. The Account -2- field will default to your main Bank Account. Use the down arrow key to select an alternate Bank Account. The Void Posting Period -3- field will default to the current Period. You can change the Period, when applicable, via the down arrow key. At the Void Date -3- field, you can leave the current date default, or use the down arrow key to select an alternate date. Please note the message in the display screen that appears as follows: Does Note Include Checks in Check Register. Print and clear the Check Register to Void a check that was just processed and not yet cleared on that report. To continue, click the Build Check List button to display a list of available checks/payments for voiding as follows:

Scroll through and highlight the item to be voided. The data will display in the box below. When you have selected the correct item, click the Void button to continue. The system will prompt a Void Check # box as follows:

Click Yes to void the selected item, or No to return to the previous screen. When you click “Yes,” the system will prompt a message confirming the data has been processed. If more than one open item exists on a payment, this message will prompt for each one.

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