Hardware Maintenance

Hardware Maintenance

The Hardware Maintenance menu is only accessible from the System Maintenance menu in the RollMaster System. When you enter the System Maintenance menu, the Hardware Maintenance menu appears as the last option in that menu. This menu contains modules that control and reset the hardware areas of the RollMaster System, such as printer set up and maintenance. 


If you are using Anzio Lite as your terminal emulator, make sure that the Print Level under the FILE option at the top of the screen is set to RAW. Also, using Anzio lite to access RollMaster Software means you ARE running a UNIX Network and should follow the UNIX settings below.

This module will allow you to add printers to the RollMaster System or edit the settings of existing printers. The Printer Maintenance screen will appear as follows:

From this point you can Add NewEdit Existing, or Delete any current printers. To add a new printer, click on the Add New button at the bottom left of the screen. You will then be prompted to enter the Printer Name; make sure you use a single word description with no spaces up to 14 characters. At the Active in Branch box, leave the field blank if you want the printer to be active in all Branches, or you can type a Branch ID, making it available only in that Branch. You will then need to select the Printer Type in the next box that appears as follows:

Select Printer Type:   Logo, Text or Barcode

If you click on the Text option, you will then need to make a selection from the options directly below. Similarly, if you click on the Barcode option, you will also need to make a selection from the options below. Once your selection is made, click on the Remap button to complete the setup of the printer. The system will prompt a Print Setup box as follows:

Click on and highlight the printer you want to use, and then click the Print button at the bottom of the screen. Please Note: if you are printing to “Email,” you will be printing to “PDF Redirect.” Click on the Save button at the bottom right of the main screen and this will complete the process. If you need to add another printer, click on the Add New button again to add the next printer. 

Special Note: At the bottom of the screen, you will see directions to instruct you during the setup process. This module will not allow you to enter data that can potentially cause an issue. The system will also not accept incorrect data in accessible fields. Instead, the system is programmed to intuitively default to the proper set-up information based on what is needed for most printers on the market. The Remap process will only affect the current User’s machine.  


When you enter this module, the following information will display on the screen: Device Configuration FileRuntime VersionLogin NamePort AddressUser IDWorking Directory, and Operating System. RollMaster Customer Service representative may direct you to this module from time-to-time to get pertinent system information.


This module is designed to evaluate the performance of a User’s hardware and/or network as it pertains to the RollMaster System. The information this module generates essentially tells how well the system is working. It should only be used in conjunction with a RollMaster Customer Service representative. It may be used from time to time to debug performance problems or when a User is experiencing speed problems. This module helps to identify where the problem is in the system. It may also be run prior to adding new hardware or network settings. Unless you have a system specialist on staff, you will never use this module until prompted to do so by a RollMaster representative.  

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