Payment Distribution Report

Payment Distribution Report

This report module prints a list of all payments that were posted via the Post Customer Payments module. It also shows to which Invoice/Service Charge the payment was applied. It is considered a daily report because it gives an accounting of the activity in the Post Customer Payments module for the day, and the money posted has a direct impact on your bottom line. If you have multiple Branches, a separate report needs to be printed for each Branch. This report prints each payment individually and shows the Customer ID and name, the payment type and reference information, the amount of the Open Item that was paid, the Open Item number and type, the payment date, the payment amount, any discount that was taken, and the balance of the Open Item after payment.

When you enter this module, the system will prompt an A/R Payment Distribution Register box as follows:

At the Branch field, you can select to print for All Branches by using the drop-down menu to make your Branch selection. Click the Continue button when you have made your selection. The report will begin printing and the system will prompt the following:

The only reason you should respond with “No” at this prompt is if the report was jumbled in the printer and you do not have a readable copy, as it needs to be cleared every day. If the report printed okay, click the Yes button to clear the register and the system will return the cursor to the Branch selection field.

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