Posting Non-A/R Cash Receipts & Reversing Same

Posting Non-A/R Cash Receipts & Reversing Same

With the addition of the graphical Post Customer Payments screen to the latest version, we are including both the TEXT version instructions and the Graphical version.

Non-AR Open Item Cash Receipts--Text Version

1. Go to Accounts Receivable>>Post Customer Payments
2. Enter NONE in the Customer ID field then press Enter
3. Enter a brief description of the transaction in the Comment field (e.g., “ADV COOP”)
4. Enter the G/L Account to be used (you can press enter for a lookup screen)
5. Select the appropriate Date (defaults to current) and press Continue
6. Enter an appropriate Item Reference (e.g., the check number)
7. Select the Source Type (you can press enter for a lookup screen)
8. Enter the amount of the receipt (e.g., 100)
9. Print Receipt: Yes, No?

Non-AR Open Item Cash Receipts--Graphical Version

1. Go to Accounts Receivable>>Post Customer Payments
2. DO NOT select a Customer. Instead, click on the Functions menu at the top left and select the following: Add Customer (None) Payment.
3. In the Enter Customer None Data box, type a brief Comment, such as ADV COOP.
4. Enter the G/L Account that applies to this Revenue.
5. Enter the current Date. The Period will automatically default.
6. Enter the Amount, Payment Type and additional Reference, if applicable.
7. Click Add Payment to finish the process. The screen will clear and the transaction will appear on the Customer Payment Register.

When you batch out your Customer Payment Register, you will see the item listed with by the Pay Type selected. The Date, Reference, Amount, and Account will also display the information as you entered it above. Since this is non-AR, there will be nothing displayed in the Customer or Job # field.

To reverse payments to NONE: same as above, but flip the sign in the Amount (if originally positive, reversal will be negative).
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