Print Cash Requirement Report

Print Cash Requirement Report

This report module prints a list of all Payables in the system and when they are due according to a range of days entered in the System Maintenance module during initial setup, e.g., 7, 14, 21. It will include the amount of cash required to pay the current bills. If a Vendor Note was added to an Item through the A/P Open Item Maintenance module, the first line of that Note will appear on this report. This report can be printed prior to entering the Payment Selection module, enabling you to quickly identify which Items need to be paid; however, the Open Invoice Listing has additional functionality that may prove more useful.

When you enter this report module, the system will prompt an A/P Cash Requirements Report screen as follows:

The Print Notes -1- box will be checked when you enter this module. You can uncheck if you prefer not so see any Notes. At the Vendor Lookup -2- field, the default is **All** for all Vendors. Use the Vendor Lookup button to select a specific Vendor for the report where applicable. At the Vendor Type -3- field, again, the default is **All** for all Vendor Types. This field is only applicable where you have previously set up Vendor Types in the Vendor Maintenance module. Use the drop down arrow to print for a specific Vendor Type. To learn more about Vendor Types, please see the Vendor Maintenance section of this documentation. At the Beg Date -4- field, they system will default to the current date. Use the down arrow button to select an alternate beginning date for the report. 

When all selections have been made, click the Excel icon to export the data or click the Print button to print the report.

Please Note: On the Print Cash Requirements Report, the CURRENT-7 DAYS column displays items that are currently due; however, it will also include items that are past due as well as those that are due within seven days of the report date.

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