Q3 2022 Release Notes -- Final

Q3 2022 Release Notes -- Final

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RollMaster Retail System

Release Notes v2102.2  Q3 2022 – Final


  1. In both Quote and Order Entry, you can now edit the Job Status column without entering into a Quote or Order. This requires standard conditions such as the Quote or Order are open, User permissions allow the change, Code is not Inactive, and Code is usable in the module. From the main screen, you can right-click in the Job Status column of a Quote or Order and select a different Job Status as follows:


  1. The Fax display field in Order/Quote/PM Templates modules has been replaced with the Phone 2 field. You will see this in the Sold To and Ship To tab screens. You will also now see a Contact field in the Ship To tab screen in both Quote and Order EntryAdditionally, in the Ship To tab screen, the Name from the Quote/Order displays, above the Contact field to mimic the Sold To tab screen. The Ship To name from the Customer Address will stay on the line with the Code. The Change Location wide button has been updated in the Ship To tab screen to appear in the top right corner as an icon—functionality remains the same.  Change Customer Info icon has been added to the Ship To tab screen with similar functionality as the Change Location button/iconAll these changes can be viewed in the two screenshots below:

  1. When assigning inventory or viewing the Inventory Review screen, in the From Inventory tab screen, you will now see totals at the bottom of the On Hand and Qty Available columns. Additionally, in the From PO tab screen, you will now see totals at the bottom of the Qty On OrdQty Received, and Qty Avail columns.

  1. When an Order is Canceled/Closed, any non-invoiced lines with material assigned get unassigned automaticallyWith this update, a new Audit record is being written for the Inventory Pointer record when this specific action happens. Previously, it has been tracked as an “unassign.” 


  1. In the Catalog Listing, whether printing or exporting to Excel, new fields have been added. Those fields include the following: Add PO in Order Entry and Programmed. Additionally, an indicator has been added to denote the presence of Catalog Comments.  

  1. In the Safety Stock Evaluation Report, a checkbox has been added as follows: 

This checkbox defaults to checked, so the report will print only what is below the safety level, unless unchecked.


  1. On the 4” SSP landscape Inventory Barcode labels, adjustments have been made to wrap or truncate long field names to prevent the label from covering two pages. Also, a duplicate second barcode--rotated 90 degrees--has been added to provide an alternate place to scan the label. This helps if/when the label is damaged.


  1. The Job Cost Detail (By Salesperson) report is now graphical. The report also now exports to Excel

  1. In the Work in Process - Costs From JC report, the first/last Install Date data has been added to the Excel export. If only a single Install Date applies, the system will populate the same Date in both columns.

  1. The Budget vs Actual report is now graphical. Additionally, a modification was made to the prompt to include Open jobs, making it possible to now print ClosedOpen, or Both, as highlighted below:

This report can now also be exported to Excel.


  1. PO Audit tracking has been added to the PO Maintenance module. Similar to how the Audit feature works in Quote and Order Entrythe system is now tracking changes to key fields in the Header and Line level of the P.O Maintenance module. In the main Purchase Order screen, from the View menu, you will now see PO Audit in that drop-down menu. This will include Audit data for all POs. When you enter into a PO, from the View menu you will see Audit Review. This option displays changes for the current PO, as follows:





  1. In Job Labor Maint. / Installer Payments, the ability to select for payment has been added based on enabling a new User Control 7 setting, that appears as follows: Allow Payment Selection in Job Labor Mtc. With this control set to “Y” for Yes, each User will now see a new checkbox in the Add/Edit Payment screen as follows:


In Pay All Lines mode, a prompt will now display to Select All for Pay


  1. An option to switch from Customer ID lookup to Customer Name has been added to the system. This applies to all Customer Selection screens in the system. If the preferred method for searching for a customer is by name rather than by ID, there is now a Company Control 4 option in the System Control Maintenance module to make that default switch. That control appears as follows: Default Cust Lookup to use Name. To enable, change this control to “Y” for yes. Once complete, the Customer Selection screen will prompt Customer Name instead of Customer ID at the top left of this screen as follows:

Additional programming was added to the Customer Selection screen for adding new customers. This is especially helpful for our customers wanting to switch from a Customer ID search focus to Customer NamePlease Note: This update is automatically available to everyone and does not require enabling in the system.  When adding a new customer in the system, rather than performing the current “Add Customer” process, a new Add New button appears in the top right of the Customer Selection screen as follows: 

In the Add Customer box above, you can type the Customer Name in the top field, or use the First/Last Name fields. Upon exit of the Customer Name field, if data exists, the system will attempt to use the first 8 non-space characters to auto-create a Customer ID. If that ID exists, the system will start a counter using 1 digit, etc., until finding a unique ID. If data is entered in the First/Last Name fields, upon exit of the Phone #1 field, the system will attempt to build an ID using the first 4 non-space characters in the Last Name plus the last 4 digits of the Phone #1 field. Again, if not unique, the system will perform an internal loop until it finds a unique ID

Once a unique Customer ID is created, the Continue button will become available at the bottom of the screen. Prior to exiting, if the Phone #1 and Email fields are currently set as Required in Customer Maintenance, they will also be required in this screen and will need to be completed before continuing. The system will then prompt the Customer Maintenance screen in the Add mode as normal, defaulting the Customer IDName, and Email fields into their respective locations.

  1. In the A/R Agings group of reports, the Special Instructions field has been added to the Excel export data.   


  1. Updates have been made to the Check Detail section of the Check History module. The columns are now sortable to help sift through data. Also, the detail can now be exported to Excel.  

  1. In the A/P Hand Check/Void Check Processing module, the system is now displaying the Invoice Discount Amount levels and Dues Dates in the Edit Payment display screen. This allows for viewing the Discount schedule to determine if a discount can be taken on the Hand Check. 



  1. N/A in Q2022


  1. N/A in Q3 2022.


  1. In the Billed vs Unbilled From JC report, the first/last Install Date data has been added to the Excel export. If only a single Install Date applies, the system will populate the same Date in both columns.


  1. N/A in Q3 2022. 


  1. In the Vendor Invoice Listing, two new fields have been added to the Excel exportThose fields appear to the right of the Vendor Account # as follows: Vendor Style [Name] and Vendor Color [Name].


  1. N/A in Q3 2022.


  1. In the Company Control 4 Level of the System Control Maintenance level, a new control has been added as follows: Default Cust Lookup to use Name. The default is “N” for no so no change is reflected in the system unless this control is intentionally set to “Y” for yes. In that event, the Customer Selection screen will prompt Customer Name instead of Customer ID at the top left of this screen as follows:

  1. In the User Control 7 level of the System Control Maintenance module, a new control has been added that appears as follows: Allow Payment Selection in Job Labor Mtc. With this control enabled, a User will have the ability to select items for payment from within the Job Labor Maint. / Installer Payments module. The detail appears above in the Installation System section of these Release Notes. 


  1. With regard to the FSU Catalog Import, an improvement was made to assist with mapping any existing Vendor IDs to the required FSU Vendor ID. If you have existing FSU suppliers already set up in your system that do not currently match the required FSU Vendor ID, you will need to “marry” these two IDs together. This has been accomplished by using the Alpha field in Vendor Maintenance. This field appears at the bottom of the screen as follows:

Type the approved FSU Vendor ID into the Alpha field for the existing Vendor and Save your change.

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