Vendor History by GL Account Report

Vendor History by GL Account Report

This report allows you to view Vendor activity broken down by G/L Account Number and will also give you additional data for each entry such as Posting Period, G/L Sequence, Invoice number, Check number, Checking Account, Paid Date and the Debit or Credit amount. The Excel export data gives even more data, including the following:

Vendor Tax ID/SS#
Account Name
Posting Period
AP Item #
AP Item Type
Checking Acct
Check #
Paid Date

You are also able to filter by the below criteria when printing/exporting this report:

1. Vendor
2. Vendor Type
3. Date
4. G/L Acct #
5. Paid Items only

When you enter this report module, the system will prompt a Vendor History By G/L Account screen as follows:



At the Vendor ID -1- field, the default is **All** for all Vendors. Use the Vendor ID button to select a specific Vendor for the report where applicable. At the Vendor Type -2- field, again, the default is **All** for all Vendor Types. This field is only applicable where you have previously set up Vendor Types in the Vendor Maintenance module. Use the drop-down arrow to print for a specific Vendor Type. To learn more about Vendor Types, please see the Vendor Maintenance section of this documentation. At the Beg & End Date -3- fields, click in each box to access the drop-down calendar to set a date range for this report. The Starting and Ending Account -4- fields will default to **All**. To print for only one G/L Account or a range of G/L Accounts, use the Starting and Ending Account buttons to make G/L Account Number selections. The Paid Items Only -5-option will be checked by default. To include unpaid items (items not in the A/P Check Register History file), uncheck this option. Those items will appear on the report with a “000000Check number. When all selections have been made, click the Excel icon to export the data or click the Print button to print the report.