Vendor Invoice Report for Rebate Tracking

Vendor Invoice Report for Rebate Tracking

The Vendor Invoice Report is designed to print data on material for which you may be entitled to a rebate. The report tracks purchases of material by Vendor. The steps below cover where/how to print:

1. Enter the Special Functions menu option from the Main Menu.
2. Enter the Vendor Invoice Report module.
3. Access the Activity Dates option to enter a date range for material purchases. You can make additional report selections to further customize, such as By Vendor.
4. Arrow down to the Print option to print the report.

As Vendor Invoices are entered in the system through the Accounts Payable Open Item Maintenance module and approved via the Review P.O. History feature, the product purchase data is sent to this module so that reports can be printed to track those purchases. This report can be sorted By Vendor so you can create a report to view all product purchases for a particular Vendor or all Vendors. When you enter the Vendor Invoice Report module, the screen will appear as follows:



The settings in the screenshot above are the default settings. In order to customize the report, you can select applicable fields. The Activity Date fields allow you to enter a Beginning and Ending Activity Date Range for the report. Whether or not you use any of the other sort options, you should at least set a date range via this option. At the Vendor fields, use this feature to print for a single Vendor or range of Vendors; otherwise leave it unselected to print for ALL Vendors. The Vendor Type fields can only be used if this has been set up in the Vendor Maintenance module for all Vendors. Use the drop-down arrows to make your selections

The P.O. Number fields allow you to view data for a single P.O. or a range of P.O’s. The Invoice Number fields allow you to view data for a single Invoice or a range of Invoices. The Product Code field allows you to select a specific Product Code, and the Style fields allow you to view data for a single Style or range of Styles. The Manufacturer fields allow you to sort this report by Manufacturer. This field is tied directly to the Manufacturer field in the Catalog Maintenance module. The Yarn Type field is tied to the Yarn Type field in the Catalog Maintenance module. You can only select and print for one Yarn Type at a time.

When you have pre-set all options, click on the Print option. This report can also be exported to Excel.

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