Vendor Listing

Vendor Listing

This report prints a detailed listing of vendor information, displaying most of the data entered in the Vendor Maintenance module. You can print this report for one Vendor, a range of Vendors, or for all Vendors. If you print for all Vendors, it could be a very lengthy report depending on the number entered in the system, but there are additional options for customizing that can shorten the report and display only the data you need. When you enter this module, the screen will appear as follows:

The Vendor ID -1- field will default to **All**. Use the Vendor Lookup button to select a specific vendor if applicable. The Vendor Type -2- field will also default to **All**. Use the drop-down arrow to select a specific Vendor Type if applicable. This program will also default to print Only Active Vendors -3-. You can opt to print Only Inactive Vendors or Both, depending on your needs. When you have made your selections, click the Print button to continue. You can also choose to export the data by clicking on the Excel icon at the top left. Both the printed copy and Excel export will denote Active/Inactive Vendors.  

The Excel export has a column for Active/Inactive. The printed report will display data in the Header based on report selection as follows:

Next to Inactive Vendors, the report will also display an “*” next to the Vendor Name as follows:

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